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3 Common Septic System Issues and How to Avoid Them

Given how vital your septic tank is to maintaining a well-functioning home, it can be very useful to have an idea of some of the more common septic tank problems. Courtesy of Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer & Storm, your source for septic system repair in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding area, take a look at our list of septic tank issues to watch out for — and how to avoid them.

1. Excess water in tank

Inefficient water use can cause your tank to hold more water than was intended. Excess water translates into solid wastes that do not get an opportunity to break down before the tank’s water level rises so high that solids pass out of the tank into distribution pipes that are only built for handling liquids, effectively blocking up the pipes.

Minimize the amount of water that goes into the septic system by spreading out your clothes washing over a few days, instead of doing the whole family’s laundry in one day. Shorten the length of your showers, and try using “low flow” showerheads to keep excess water out of the system. Dual flush or low flow toilets can also minimize the water going into your system.

2. Flushing non-biodegradable items

Non-biodegradable products in your tank take up space and will never go away on their own, which will raise the liquid levels in the tank even higher and force floating solids into the distribution system. Even so-named “flushable” products often do not break down as they should.

The solution? Keep kitchen wastes such as oil or grease out of your system, as well as non-biodegradable items such as paper towels and diapers.

3. Using harsh chemicals

Chemical products such as pesticides, solvents, gasoline, brake fluid, paint thinners, and motor oil are highly toxic. By placing them in the septic system, they are distributed to the surrounding soil, polluting it and causing it to be unfit for plant growth. Additionally, these harsh products can kill bacteria in your tank that is needed for breaking down waste in the septic system.

Never use your septic system for getting rid of toxic materials such as paint thinners and solvents. They will not be eliminated, and instead will merely be distributed into your soil. Commercial products that are advertised to clear septic systems frequently contain hazardous or toxic chemicals such as lye that can damage the environment.

For septic system repairs in Chester County, PA, and other local areas, call us today at 1-(844)-4-DELVAL.

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