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5 Things That Should Never Go In Your Garbage Disposal

Have you been treating your garbage disposal like a trash can? If you’ve been tossing just anything into your garbage disposal, you might be putting the health of your plumbing at risk. Homes with garbage disposals are already more susceptible to clogs in their septic systems, since a higher quantity of solids will be entering the tank. Putting the wrong things into a garbage disposal can not only lead to clogs in drains and septic systems, but can also damage the garbage disposal itself. Garbage disposals are designed to handle soft food scraps, so if you throw any of the following into your garbage disposal, you’ll only increase the chances of needing septic system repair, available in Radnor and surrounding areas from Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, & Storm.

Cooking Grease

Cooking grease congeals into a solid clot when mixed with water. This can clog your pipes, leaving you with a sink that won’t drain.


Garbage disposals aren’t equipped to handle solid objects. Bones and other hard material can destroy the gears in your garbage disposal, permanently damaging it in the process.

Celery and Other Stringy Vegetables

The fibrous strings that make up stalks of celery have a tendency to wrap around the gears in your disposal, which can create a tough mess to repair. Avoid tossing celery or other stringy vegetables (like corn husks or asparagus) down your disposal.

Coffee Grounds

When coffee grounds get wet, they can create a sludgy mess. When mixed with other foods and scraps, this can create a clog deep in your pipes and tank.


On the surface, it might seem like pasta is fine to put in the garbage disposal — it’s soft and not firm enough to get wrapped around your disposal’s gears like celery. However, pasta greatly expands when it’s soaked in water, which means that it can become a soupy mess in your disposal. Always throw rice and pasta into the trash can — or better yet, save leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.  

How often do you use your garbage disposal? If you rely on your garbage disposal to handle more than scraps, you’ll need more frequent septic system pumping. In Radnor and surrounding areas, regular septic system pumping keeps your pipes clear and your home running well. If you’re due for septic system pumping, give Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, & Storm a call today at 610-947-4800. 

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