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How Do You Know Where You Can Install A Septic Tank?

Now that you have decided that you want to have a septic system installed on your property, the next question becomes where you can put it. You need a space large enough for your tank and the drainage field to help keep your system in working order. However, selecting the perfect spot for your septic system goes beyond having space on your property for it. 

Per Pennsylvania state law, you need to have profiles dug to classify the soils and a perc test performed before installing a new septic system. We know what you’re likely wondering; what exactly are soil profiles and perc tests, and how can the results positively or negatively impact your plans? 

What are Soil Profiles?

This is the most important part of the process so that a new location can be found for the seepage area of the septic system. The soils dictate the type of septic system that can be installed on the property. Once this area is approved by the County or Township, a perc test usually follows depending on the type of system. 

What Is a Perc Test?

Perc testing measures the absorption rate of the soil. A trained professional needs to conduct the septic percolation testing before you can install your new system. The technician will drill multiple holes in the new seepage area, pour water into the openings, and measure how the soil reacts to the water. Through knowing the absorption rate, you can determine the soil’s ability to drain the wastewater generated by your septic system correctly. Different soil types absorb water at differing rates and the final rate tells you how large your seepage area needs to be. 

What Happens If You Get a Failed Test?

There is no reason for outright panic if your soil has failed the perc test — you do have some options before resorting to selling the plot of land that caught your eye in the first place. Depending on your property’s size, while one area may not prove suitable for the septic system, another portion of the property may respond better and deliver a passing perc test grade. 

Septic testing is mandatory for property owners looking to build on a plot of land that is not connected to the municipal sewer system. As you begin planning to install your septic system, the perc test will determine much of your plans in the future. You want to have a team with experience administering perc and storm testing that can help walk you through the process. Contact Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer & Storm to schedule an appointment with our team today! 

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