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Is a Sewage Backup Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

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No matter where your home resides in Pennsylvania, one of the most significant threats remains water damage and infiltration. Whether it’s from natural phenomena or a blockage in your sewer system, standing water entering your home can pose various health risks and cause structural damage.

Flooding is fairly common in Pennsylvania, as rivers and lakes overflow after the arrival of seasonal rains. Excessive water can enter your sewer system, causing sewage to make its way through your drains and overflow into your home. Sewage backups can be expensive to repair and can create a multitude of in-home health hazards. But if you do need a sewage line system repair or a septic replacement in Montgomery County, Chester County, or Delaware County, can you count on your homeowner’s insurance to cover the bill?

Will My Insurance Cover Repairs?

It’s a critical question that homeowners do not think to ask until after a tragedy has struck. Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t include coverage for sewage backup, or septic system overflows unless explicitly stated in your homeowner’s policy terms. These policies identify most of the damage to your sewer pipes that led to the blockages and backups as “preventable damage” resulting from poor upkeep. 

Many homeowners might feel like they are out of luck when addressing sewage flooding and water damage to their homes. However, all is not lost! Most homeowner’s insurance policies offer the option to purchase a “rider” for sewage backup coverage. But what exactly is a rider, and how can it help protect your home?

What Is A Rider?

The average homeowner does not know what a legal rider is and how it can affect their insurance policies. While homeowners insurance offers a wide range of protections, it does not cover every potential scenario. You have to purchase additional provisions to help protect your home from specific circumstances or tragedies. That’s where purchasing a legal rider can prove beneficial.

A rider is a type of homeowner’s policy addition that extends your coverage to include more situations and perils than a standard policy. When you file for homeowners’ insurance, you can add various riders to your policy to cover all manner of potential catastrophes that befall your home. 

You can buy a rider to extend your coverage to replacement costs for some expensive valuables (many people buy riders to cover the total cost to replace the jewelry, musical instruments, or collectibles). Additionally, you can buy a rider to include coverage for other types of damage, including storm damage to specific affected areas. 

Can A Rider Help Cover the Sewer Damages?

Homeowners looking to add sewer damages to their existing policy want to know how much it will cost to add and how much the rider will cover. Most insurance providers offer optional riders for sewage backup coverage. How much the rider will add to your bill depends on a few determining factors. 

Depending on your insurance company and your risk level, you can expect to pay between $5 and $15 extra per month for sewage backup coverage. You might also need to choose a separate deductible for sewer backup damage that’s unique from your homeowner’s insurance deductible.

What Conditions Make My Home More Susceptible to Flooding and Sewer Damage?

As with most aspects of any insurance you take out, your home insurance riders consider multiple factors before setting your rates and premiums. Some of these that can affect how you pay for an additional sewer coverage rider depend on such an accident’s likelihood. Areas near rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water during heavy rain seasons can potentially experience a higher chance for floods and sewer backups. 

You’ll want to call for a drain line and sewer repair as soon as possible after you notice backup in your home to prevent permanent damage or health issues. Whether you need sewer backup repair, a complete septic replacement, or drain cleaning, you can count on Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, & Storm in your time of need. Give our team a call today to learn more or schedule your appointment for service.