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Preparing Your Septic System for a Smooth Winter

As fall swiftly approaches, you may have images of pumpkin-spiced lattes dancing through your head. However, after you have gotten your latte, there are some facts about your home septic system that need your attention. As the weather gets colder, the most difficult problems occur when the lid to your septic system is underground, as the top level of soil becomes tougher to dig up. Worse still, the soil’s condition around your septic can also prove troublesome for dealing with these issues. 

While winter temperatures should not directly impact how your septic tank functions, it may be harder to address the problems that DO arise during this season. A healthy dose of preventative maintenance and septic replacement in West Chester from Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer & Storm can help protect your septic system now before the problems begin!

The following infographic provides a brief overview of the steps you can take to protect your septic system for the winter:

Infographic explaining ways to care for septic systems before winter.

If It’s Been A While, Pump Your Tank

Take the time now to flush and pump your septic tank before the temperature drops, since you’ll have an easier time getting at your tank now than if you wait for the colder months. As the temperature drops, the ground surrounding your septic tank begins to harden, making it that much more of a hassle to dig up your tank and perform the necessary maintenance.

Take Care of Any Leaks

Whether you suffer from a leaky toilet or a dripping faucet, leaving these issues unattended cause actually problems for your septic tank. The constant drip of water can lead to your septic tank flooding or cause the area around the drainage field to flood. With colder temperatures playing a factor, any water pooling in the drainage area can potentially freeze over and make it more difficult to get your septic tank. 

Address the Area Around Your Tank

You’ll want to take every measure you possibly can to protect it from freezing during the winter. While addressing the leaky pipe problem is a good start, you should also look at the area surrounding your septic tank. For seasoned tanks, allow the grass to grow an additional 6 inches higher to achieve the same results. 

With any preventative maintenance routine, consistency and timing are vital factors. You want to ensure that you take the proper steps early enough to have a meaningful effect on the system and give you one less thing to worry about in the winter. 

No matter if you are having issues with a storm drain or you need a septic installation in the West Chester area, Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer & Storm has you covered. By scheduling an appointment with us, you gain the peace of mind that your septic system is ready for the cold winter months before you have to worry about anything. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help today!

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