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Three Reasons to Get Your Drains Cleaned Professionally

Clogged drains can be a consistently pesky problem for homeowners. No matter the underlying cause of the problem, most people will use over the counter liquid drain cleaners to clear the blockage. While these options provide momentary relief, the chances are that it is only a temporary solution, and the problem will arise again down the line. This is why contacting a professional sewer and drain cleaning service in Montgomery County, like Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, & Storm, is a smart decision. Here are three reasons why a professional cleaning service can prove beneficial to your home. 

Lengthy Build Up 

Over the lifespan of your drains and septic system, there will be a degree of natural material building up. Anything from food waste to grease to hair can build up deep within your drains and begin to cause problems. These issues may not present early on, but at a certain point, the blockages will become too much, and your drains will become clogged. While over the counter liquid drain cleaners can give you some relief, a professional drain cleaning service can identify where the problems are occurring and use advanced tools and techniques to attack the problem. 

The Garbage Disposal Conundrum 

On the surface, garbage disposals appear to solve the drainage problem by shredding food waste to such small pieces that they pass right through the drain. However, that is not the case. The ground-up food matter reacts differently to the presence of water, or lack thereof, in your pipes. As the matter builds up over time, the chances of an untimely clogged drain become greater. Getting a professional cleaning service to come out ensures that you do not miss any blockage that can cause long-lasting damage and continued issues with your drains. 

Tree Roots

Yes, tree roots can cause blockages in your drainage system. If your septic system is built near trees, there is a chance that the tree roots can infringe on your system and cause drainage problems. Determining if drainage problems stem from a troublesome root instead of the usual household suspects can be challenging to figure out without calling in a professional service. Once the problem is diagnosed, the professional service can begin to figure out the proper course of action to remove the roots from your septic system and remedy the clogged drains. 

Do you need a professional service to take a look at your clogged drain and sewer system? Perhaps you are in need of a full septic replacement in Montgomery County. Either way, contact Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, & Storm to schedule an appointment today!


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