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If you’ve ever dumped grease down your drain or needed emergency sewer jetting in Gladwyne, you might have experienced a major sewer blockage known as a fatberg. A fatberg is an accumulation of fat and grease that has been unable to reach its final destination in a home or business’ sewer lines, causing buildup of sediment and debris, especially grease, that forms a solid when cooled. Fatbergs can quickly become massive in size — some recorded fatbergs have weighed in at over 800 pounds and reached lengths longer than killer whales in municipal sewer mains.

How Do Fatbergs Form? 

When grease, oil, and other types of materials that shouldn’t be poured down the drain accumulate on the sides of your pipes, they clump together with other kinds of nonorganic material (like baby wipes, sanitary napkins, etc.) and form an immovable mass. When these masses mold together, they can sometimes weigh hundreds of pounds. This presents a severe problem for occupants experiencing a backup due to a blockage or slow-draining plumbing from partial blockages that must be cleared with sewer jetting equipment by professionals..

How Can You Help Prevent Fatbergs? 

The most important thing that you can do is avoid putting things in your drain or garbage disposal that don’t belong there. Never throw feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, or cotton swabs into your toilet — only dispose of waste and toilet paper by flushing. Only put soft foods down your garbage disposal — avoid putting things like bones, stalky vegetables, and other non-decomposable material down your drain. Finally, always dispose of leftover cooking grease using a grease trap or another safe method. Don’t pour grease or oil down the drain.

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