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How to Properly Clean Your Home’s Storm Drain

One of the biggest dangers to homeowners is a storm drain that can’t do its job of properly processing heavy rain and excess water. Storm drains are meant to prevent flooding, but one that isn’t cleaned or maintained can actually cause flooding problems for your home and neighborhood. It’s always a good idea to clean your storm drains, but how do you know where to begin?

What Usually Clogs Storm Drains?

Storm drains often clog due to debris caused by excess rainwater that drags dirt and debris into your drain system. Clogs also come from grease and oil buildup, tree roots that fall into your drains, and animal waste from raccoons and rats that hide out in your sewers. In the fall, leaves travel far distances and will often fly into your storm drains and pile up, along with rocks and stones that are solid enough to block water flow.

Cleaning Out Your Storm Drain

Storm drain cleaning isn’t difficult, and if you’ve identified that you either have a clog or want to prevent one, it’s time to start enacting your drain cleaning plan. For most DIY homeowners, you can always clean the drain if you please. Before you begin that process, you’ll need a few tools for the job:

What You’ll Need

  • Sturdy Rubber Gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Broom
  • Detergent and Multipurpose Cleaners
  • Bucket of Water
  • Bin or Trash Bag
  • Scrubbing Brush

But why go through the process yourself when you can call an expert drain cleaning service to do the job? Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, and Storm provides water jetting services and all the tools necessary to clean your storm drains. You’ll have clean drains in three easy steps without even having to step outside your home!

Clean off the Outside

The first step your drain cleaning service will do is make sure that your storm drain is clean from the outside-in. This means cleaning off any debris covering your drain to prevent anything else from sliding in and creating a blockage. All those leaves and debris you see piled up on your storm drain? Those particles block your drains during storms and sneak into the drain lines through the holes in your storm drain.

Inside the Drain

When inside the drain, it’s imperative that debris inside and around is removed from the area. As part of the preparation process for sewer jetting services, your local drain cleaning company will ensure that any debris around the edges and inside the storm drain is removed and disposed of properly. DIY homeowners can use rubber gloves to remove and dispose of waste properly into a garbage bag or bin.

Cleaning the Inside

Sewer jetting is a safe and environmentally friendly way to regularly prevent and clear blockages within your storm drain. At Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, and Storm, we use Tier 4 water jetting equipment to pump high-pressure water into your sewer system to clear out any blockages and potential clogs. We will assess the condition of your storm drain to ensure the right pressure and hose are used for the operation. Once complete, consider getting serviced every 18-24 months to ensure your storm drains stay clean.

Don’t Let Your Cleaning Efforts Go to Waste

Cleaning up your home’s storm drain takes a lot of effort, so why waste that effort by not properly caring for the drain afterward? Proper maintenance for all parts of your home is important, and that rings true for your storm drains as well. Follow a few of these tips to keep your storm drains from clogging up and ensure that your cleaning efforts don’t go down the drain. 

  • Always inspect storm drains before and after storms.
  • Keep trash away from your drains.
  • Rake up leaves and other debris.
  • Clean up pet waste, toys, and debris.
  • Get maintenance and cleaning services done by a professional.

Clean and Maintain Your Storm Drains With a Professional Service

If you don’t want to get down and dirty within your storm drains, contact a local storm and sewage company to protect your drains from damage. Homeowners in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties can reach out to Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer, and Storm for expert sewage services — including sewer and storm drain maintenance and cleaning. Our experts can help you save thousands of dollars in damages by giving you a proper storm sewer and drain cleaning that protects against harmful buildups. Get in touch today and one of our experienced professionals for the storm drain services you need!

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