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Onsite Installer Article Highlights Our “Extra Special Care”

Here at Delaware Valley Septic, Sewer & Storm, we offer the best septic system installation in the Newtown Square area. Although we don’t perform septic system installations for Newtown Square homeowners for the sake of publicity, we’re proud when we make the headlines, especially when we’re featured in a respected trade magazine like Onsite Installer.

And that’s exactly what happened in this publication’s May 2019 edition, with a six-page cover story titled “Extra Special Care.”

The article, an entry in the magazine’s “installer profile” series, discusses our company history, and how our customers have come to expect nothing but the best from us. Since we service an upscale area with many affluent customers, the article emphasized how “high-income customers expect quality work, and that includes as little disturbance to sites as possible.”

It then listed a few ways in which we strive to pose as little inconvenience to homeowners as possible:

  • Using track matting to make it easy to refill holes we dig
  • Familiarizing ourselves with the layout of a property to avoid disrupting features like sprinkler systems, dog fencing, and botanical beds
  • Being upfront with clients about the fact that “their property will look like a bomb hit it for about a week, but then it will all be restored the following week.”

The article also emphasized our use of technology to make it easier to monitor septic systems for needed repairs and optimal functionality. For numerous customers, we’ve installed septic tanks and holding tanks that use Wi-Fi, and we can do the same for your system, too. With alarms that are triggered because of rainfall infiltration and other “alarm conditions,” we’ll be alerted and can send a pump truck to the home before the property experiences an emergency.  

We encourage you to read the full story here, starting on page 12. And to experience the quality service that got us on the cover of Onsite Installer’s May 2019 issue, you can contact us for septic-related services for your home. As we conclude in the article, “We just want to do everything as best as possible, and if we don’t, we’ll fix it. There’s nothing we can’t do or nothing we can’t fix.”

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