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How Long Does it Take to Replace Sewer Line? Explanation

A collection of white schedule 40 4-inch PVC pipes, showcasing the standard materials used in residential sewer line replacement projects and raising questions about the time required for completion

The time it takes to replace a sewer line can vary between one to three days, depending on various factors.  Repairing and replacing a damaged sewer line is a major undertaking for any homeowner, but one that may be necessary for maintaining a functioning plumbing system. You could attempt a repair on your own. However, […]

Do You Need a Permit to Replace Your Sewer Line? Expert Advice

a bundle of white schedule 40 4-inch PVC pipes, commonly used for residential sewer line replacement, hinting at the need for permits and regulations

Sewer lines are hidden away, and most homeowners only think about them once something happens, resulting in the need for repair or replacement. So what do you do if you need to replace your sewer line? Here we offer some expert advice about sewer line replacement and permitting requirements. Sewer Line Replacement Causes Sewer line […]