Fraud Blocker How Long Does it Take to Replace Sewer Line? Explanation

How Long Does it Take to Replace Sewer Line? Explanation

The time it takes to replace a sewer line can vary between one to three days, depending on various factors. 

Repairing and replacing a damaged sewer line is a major undertaking for any homeowner, but one that may be necessary for maintaining a functioning plumbing system. You could attempt a repair on your own. However, you’ll most likely need to hire a professional.

In this article, we’ll look at sewer line repair and replacement basics to help you better estimate how long it will take to replace your sewer line.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Sewer Line?

If you’ve discovered you need a new sewer line, you may be asking, “How long does it take?” To replace sewer line pipes, you may need to set aside one to three days to complete the work. Easy repairs can be finished in a day, while more extensive pipe replacements can take several days.

Factors that Determine How Long a Replacement Will Take

Depending on certain conditions, sewer line repair or replacement can sometimes involve anywhere from a quick fix to a lengthy process. The following factors can affect how long your sewer line repair or replacement will take.

  • Accessibility of the sewer line
  • Length of the sewer line
  • The severity of damage to the pipe
  • Availability of materials
  • Age and material of the pipe
  • Weather conditions
  • Method of repairing or replacing the sewer line
  • Local regulations, codes, or safety procedures
  • Experience level of your contractor

Timeline for Methods for Repairing or Replacing a Sewer Line

The time the work will take will be based on the repair method of either digging a trench or performing a trenchless repair.

Traditional Replacement

This common method used for replacing sewer lines involves digging up the existing pipe, removing it, and replacing it with a new one. It’s a more time-consuming and expensive option.

Trenchless Repair

Two trenchless repair methods include the pipe lining and pipe bursting.

  • Pipe lining involves inserting a liner into the existing pipe and then inflating it with pressurized air or water to expand it, creating a new pipe within the old one. This method is relatively quick, cost-effective, and can be used for pipes of any size.
  • Pipe bursting uses a bursting head to split the existing pipe and replace it with a new one. It takes longer to complete this method but not as long as digging a trench.

Should You Hire a Professional to Replace Sewer Line?

Regardless of the method, remember that sewer line repair or replacement is complex and best conducted by a qualified plumber or contractor. If you require a sewer line repair or replacement, consult a qualified professional to determine the best action. An experienced contractor can promptly complete the project and be familiar with local regulations or codes.

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